From Stray to Stay: Recognize The Signs That a Stray Cat Likes You!

signs a stray cat likes you

There are a lot of stray cats out there wandering on the street. While some of them enjoy it because they have lived most of their lives independently, some do not like this life.

Many stray cats on the street yearn for love, food, and shelter from people. They show signs when they like you and want you to adopt or take care of them.

Felines can’t talk and it is not easy to detect the subtle cues and gestures they show when they like you.

However, in this article, we have revealed the top 10 signs that show that a stray cat likes you. If you notice any of these signs, kindly go ahead to add this feline to your pet collection.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 10 Signs A Stray Cat Likes You

There are a lot of signs stray cats show when they like you and below are the common signs to look out for:

1. The Cat Always Brings You Gift

If a stray cat brings you gifts often, it shows that they like you and they are comfortable around you.

Gifting in this sense is not referring to chocolates or money. Cats can bring you gifts such as a mouse or lizard that they’ve killed.

When a cat brings lizards or mice to another cat or kitten, it shows that the cat likes the other cat and wants it to be a part of its family. This also applies to humans. When a cat brings a mouse or lizard to you, it means he likes you and would love to be a member of your family.

2. The Cat Meows at You

Vocalization is another factor that indicates that a cat likes you. When a stray cat meows at you softly, it shows that they like you and probably they want you to take care of them.

However, you have to be careful because meowing does not always signify love or likeness from cats.

Observe their behavior when they meow at you. When they are in a sitting or relaxing position, it may be that they like you and they are comfortable around you. But when they are standing and also meowing aggressively at you, it may be that they are avoiding you.

3. The Cat Maintains Eye Contact with You

a cat sitting on the floor

Felines are shy and easily intimated by size. A cat that doesn’t like you won’t steal your gaze or maintain eye contact with you.

If a cat maintains eye contact with you, it is a sign that they like you and they are comfortable around you. If he also blinks slowly at you, while stealing your gaze, this is considered a sign of trust and affection, as it’s known as a “cat kiss.

4. The Cat Follows You Around

Another sign that a stray cat likes you is when the cat follows you around. If a stray cat follows you around or he is always trying to stay near you, it means they like to spend time with you.

To be sure the cat is following you, you may stop on the road, if the cat also stops, it means he likes you and that’s why he is following you.

5. The Cat Purrs Around You

Vocalization is a means of communication for cats. When a cat purrs softly while around you, it is a sign of contentment and comfortability. Purring softly while around you mean they like you and they would want to be a part of your family.

However, cats may also purr to self-soothe themselves while they are nervous or aggressive. Check out the cat’s behavior while he purrs to ensure that he is making the sound because he likes you.

6. The Cat Keeps His Tail Up While Around You

Pets use their tail to communicate with their owner. When your dog wiggles his tail, it means he is happy around you. On the other hand. When a cat keeps his tail up, it means he is happy and comfortable around you.

With that being said, if you notice a stray cat always keeps his tail up while around you, it means he likes you.

7. The Cat Eats from Your Hand

hand feeding a cat

One of the most effective ways to build trust with a pet is by feeding them. If you hand-feed a stray cat or if a stray cat is always willing to eat from your hand, it means he trusts you.

8. The Cat Rubs His Cheek on You

Cats are territorial and rub on people or objects to leave their scent on them. If a stray cat is rubbing his body against you, it means he likes you and he is trying to leave his scent on you.

9. The Cat Rolls Over Seeking for Belly Rubs

cat rolling on the floor

If a stray cat likes you, he will always roll over anytime he sees you. By simply rolling over, he is inviting you to come rub his belly and play with him.

When a stray cat does this to you, it means he likes you and he wants to interact with you.

10. The Cat Falls Asleep in Your Care

Even as a human, we can only sleep with our two eyes closed where we are comfortable. This also applies to a stray cat.

If a stray cat likes you and is comfortable around you, he won’t mind sleeping beside you or falling asleep on your hands because he knows you won’t harm him.

How to Make a Stray Cat Like You

If you are willing to add a stray cat to your already existing pet collection, it is important to build a reasonable bond with the cat first.

Here are some of the tips to make a stray cat like you:

Speak Softly and Gently When Around the Cat

Cats can easily be intimated. They become uncomfortable and nervous when someone is talking too loud or with a harsh tone around them.

If you want a cat to like you, speak to it with a gentle voice without being too loud.

Offer Treats to The Cat

One of the fastest ways to build trust with stray cats is by feeding them. By offering treats to the cat occasionally, the cat will like you and always wants to come to you for rewards.  

Make Use of Toys

Interacting with your cat through play strengthens the bond by conveying your interest. opt for prey-like toys, like feathered balls or strings, as they often captivate cats the most.

Avoid Picking Them Up

Stray cats are usually scared and aggressive when around people. Avoid picking them up and allow the cat to approach you at his own pace.

Trying to force interaction with the stray cat can lead to setbacks in trust-building.

What Are the Signs a Stray Cat Doesn’t Like You?

a stray cat in winter

Here are some of the signs a stray cat will show when he doesn’t like you yet:

  • The cat tries to hide from you anytime you approach.
  • The cat hisses aggressively when you try to touch it
  • The cat is antisocial and will always try to avoid you.
  • The cat strikes a defensive pose anytime you approach it.


If you see a stray cat around your property and you are willing to adopt or take care of this cat as your pet, it is important to make the cat like you first.

Approaching the cat and trying to carry him when he doesn’t like you may lead to getting scratch from the cat.

Cat also shows some subtle cues and gestures such as meowing, purring, maintaining eye contact, bringing you gifts, and many more when they like you.

You also need to understand that building a bond with stray cats is a journey of patience, understanding, and compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Determine If a Cat Is a Stray?

Identifying stray cats involves observing their appearance and behavior. Stray cats may appear well-groomed, but they lack identification. They might seem friendly, yet avoid direct human interaction, showing signs of self-reliance.

What Should I Do If I Find a Stray Kitten?

Encountering a stray kitten requires careful consideration. If the mother is present and attentive, monitor from a distance. If the mother is absent or the kitten is in distress, consult local animal rescues for guidance.

How Can I Help a Stray Cat in Winter?

To support stray cats during harsh winters, provide them with a warm and dry shelter equipped with cozy bedding. Regularly supply food and water to help them survive the cold weather.


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