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The devastating bushfires that ravaged Australia during the 2019-2020 season were one of the major reasons we launched Petxyclopedia. The fires claimed the lives of over three billion animals. Witnessing the immense loss of animal life and habitat reinforced our belief in the importance of creating a brand that not only prioritizes the well-being of pets but also the environment.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, our love for pets and concern for the environment inspired us to launch Petxyclopedia. Having been hit by the virus thrice in a space of six months, it made us realize the need to provide pet owners with information and educational resources to guide them through the pandemic.

As we celebrate our third year in business, we have expanded our mission to offer eco-friendly products for pets and pet parents alike. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the products we offer, which are made from sustainable materials and have minimal impact on the environment.
We believe that pet ownership should not only be enjoyable but also responsible.

By choosing Petxyclopedia, you are not only providing the best for your furry friend but also contributing to the sustainability of our planet.


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