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Can A Pregnant Dog Jump Around?

There are a lot of changes in the behavior of dogs while they are pregnant, some might tend to be weak and they will...

Can Dogs Smell Kratom?

Over the years, dogs have been able to participate in scent trainings due to their outstanding sense of smell, this has made them to...

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Why Dogs Live for a Shorter Period of Time Than Humans

Dоgs оften live fоr аbоut 12-13 yeаrs, while humаns live until they аre 80 оr 90 yeаrs оld. This differenсe in lifesраn саn be аttributed...

Do Cockatoos Make Good Pets? Pros & Cons of Getting a Cockatoo as a Pet

The cockatoo is an intelligent bird that has the ability to imitate human speech;They are not too hard to care for and can be...

Can Horses Eat Meat? – Are Horses Omnivores?

Horses have been known to eat meat, especially if they have a lack of natural sources in their diet. Horses can eat meat because they...

Do Fishes See the Water in a Fish Tank?

Fishes are not able to see the water in a fish tank. They can only sense the water's movement and light. This is because...

Where Do Chihuahuas Evolve From?

Chihuahuas are adorable small dogs with a fiery temperament. Chihuahuas are enlisted as one of the world's smallest dog breeds. They take their name from...


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