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male cat killing kittens

Why Do Male Cats Kill Kittens? – and What Can You Do About It

Male cats are more likely to kill their kittens than females. This is because male cats have a tendency to be more aggressive and...
couch that are resistant to cat damage

What Types of Couch Are Resistant to Cat Damage?

The most common types of couch that are resistant to damage from a cat are leather, suede, and velvet. Cats are known to be very...
tabby cats having m on it's forehead

Why Do Tabby Cats Have an ‘M’ on their Foreheads

The tabby cat has an m on its forehead because it was originally bred to hunt mousers. The breed's markings are thought to have...
cute cat

Are Maine Coons Prone To Any Genetic Illness?

Maine Coons are prone to a few genetic illnesses, but they are not as prone to these illnesses as other breeds of cats. Maine Coons...

Why Are Siamese Cats Luxurious?

Siamese cats are so prized for their luxurious fur, mystique, and elegance that they remain one of the most popular types of cats. Siamese cats...

Why are Bengal Cats Terrible Indoor Cats?

Bengal cats are typically not a good choice for indoor cats. This is because they are extremely active and require a ton of attention....

Can Cats Eat Oranges? – The Science Behind Feline Nutrition

Cats can eat oranges, but it is not recommended because the acid in the orange may cause an upset stomach. Сitrus fruits suсh аs lemоns,...

Can Cats Smell Critters Through Walls?

Cats are more likely than dogs to smell critters like rats and mice even through walls. Cats have a keener sense of smell than...

How Does a Cat’s Color Influence It’s Personality?

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. They're not just adorable, they're also intelligent and communicative. But how does your cat's...
cat chasing laser

Why Do Cats Chase Lasers?

Cats are curious by nature. Sometimes, for no reason, they will just start chasing lights, balls of yarn and even laser pointers. Cats seem to...