Can Dobermans be Psychiatric Service dogs? – 7 Qualities that makes Doberman a Good Service Dog


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The saying “Dog is man’s best friend” is very true. Over the years, dogs such as Doberman pinschers have shown how loyal and affectionate they can be towards men.

Dogs have been able to help people with disabilities due to their intelligence and the extensive training they’ve undergone.

They can help the blind and crippled navigate their way into the house, store, or anywhere they find themselves.

Dogs can also serve as hearing aid for people with ear problems. Dogs have also learned how to detect seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. These are a few things among things service dogs have been trained to do.

The evolution of service dogs, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs has saved a lot of people with physical, mental, and emotional issues.

In this article, we will be giving an in-depth review of the Doberman Pinschers and if truly they qualify as a psychiatric service dog.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the main reason for this wonderful piece.

Can Dobermans be Psychiatric Service Dogs?

The short answer to this question is YES. Dobermans are very intelligent and loyal. They do all they can just to ensure their owner’s safety.

You can call them Velcro or be overly protective but it is very nice to know that if you own a Doberman, the dog will do anything just to keep you safe.

Dobermans are also very active and intelligent dogs. They are known for their athleticism. Their faster learning pace makes them learn simple commands easily and this is one of the reasons why this dog is a good Psychiatric service dog.

Psychiatric service dogs (PSD) are exceptional. These dogs can assist people suffering from mental illnesses.

PSD help people suffering from self-injurious behaviors from hurting themselves. They also help children with behavioral concerns, they help to keep them safe and stop them from wandering about.

They also calm people with emotional instability, therefore, preventing them from hurting other people or getting into fights with others.

Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD) are also independent, they learn to act without waiting for instructions, they are not easily distracted also and they are also 100% good when it comes to intelligence, Looking at the properties of Psychiatric Service Dogs, Doberman Pinschers incorporates all features.

What Are the Qualities That Make a Doberman a Good Psychiatric Service Dog?

Dobermans have a lot of qualities that make them good psychiatric service dogs, some of these characteristics include:

They Ignore Distractions in the Public

Dobermans are not easily distracted when they are in a crowded place. They are not too friendly to strangers and they won’t give strangers their attention while in public.

Their focus is always on the owner they are protecting.


They Have Calm Demeanors

Initially, Dobermans were known to have vicious demeanors but with proper training over the years, this dog has transitioned to being calm.

Dobermans are very calm and they won’t misbehave when with the owner they are protecting.


They Are Highly Trainable and Intelligent

Training a Doberman should be a journey ride filled with fun because it will be less bumpy and difficult. Dobermans are easily trainable. They have a faster learning pace and they learn commands easily.

This is one of the reasons that make them qualify as Psychiatric Service dogs.

Dobermans can easily detect when their owner suffering from mental issues is in danger. They also make decisions on their own when needed just to ensure the safety of their owner.


Doberman Pinschers Are Not Aggressive

Dobermans are not aggressive. Even if they are, the ones used as service dogs have been trained exceptionally and they won’t showcase any aggressive behavior when outside with their owner.

Psychiatric Service Dogs are always well-socialized and they won’t feel the need to threaten other pets or dogs they see around them.


They Don’t Jump On People

Dobermans might have a calm demeanor but they are not too friendly to strangers. They don’t go about jumping on strangers while leaving their mentally unstable owners hurting themselves.

All these dogs have been trained to do is to always watch their owner and ensure they are safe at all times.


They Don’t Misbehave While Off-Leash

These dogs don’t need to be on a leash at all times, they won’t wander about while in the store with you. They will always be found beside their owner.


They Have Good Body Build

Another crucial reason that makes this dog a perfect psychiatric service dog is their body build. Their weight is about 60 – 75 pounds while their height is about 24 – 28 inches. Their females are usually smaller.

They are very agile and you can tell that they won’t get tired easily while walking with you. They will also assist in doing some physical activities such as helping you to switch off or on the light. Helping you to detect allergens etc.

How to Help your Doberman become a Good Service Dog?

If you are willing to turn your Doberman Puppy into a service dog in the future, you should consider these factors that will be highlighted below:

  • Avoid Ear Cropping: Many Dobermans have their ear cropped. The cropped ear has been trademarked to Dobermans and many Dobbie owners do this just to make their dogs look mean and vicious.

But you don’t have to do this since you are considering using this dog as a service dog.

Cropping your Dobbie’s ear will make a lot of people afraid of your dog. Imagine a nurse coming to your house to give you your medication and He/She is agitated due to the presence of your dog. That’s a very bad thing you know.

  • Early Socialization: If you are considering making your Doberman a service dog, you will need to socialize your dog at an early stage, this will help him become calm when around other pets or dogs.
  • Good Trainability: you will ensure you give this dog adequate and effective training. If you can’t do it yourself, you can employ a qualified dog trainer that will help you train your dog.
  • Mental and Physical Stimulation: Doberman is a very active dogs, they need regular exercise that will help stimulate them mentally and physically. You should endeavor to always take them on a walk and also engage them in sports games such as fetch.Doberman

Are there any challenges I will face if I own a Service dog that is a Doberman?

Yes, if your Doberman is a service dog, there are a lot of challenges you will face.

A normal Doberman will attract a stranger’s attention not to talk about a Doberman that is a service dog.

Some people will like to know about your disabilities and kids will also like to touch or play with your dog.

A lot of people will also want to snap with you and your dog especially when you are in a crowded place. You might have to spend more minutes snapping pictures with people when you visit the store because a lot of people will love to snap with a Doberman as a service dog.

You might also be restricted from freely entering some stores because of the service dog. The security might want you to provide the papers which show that your service dog has been truly registered by American Disabilities Acts (ADA).

The security might also tell you to keep the Doberman on a leash while shopping in the store.

Other Dog Breeds that qualify for being a Psychiatric Service Dog

Apart from Doberman Pinschers, other dog breeds are usually used as service dogs.

After proper research, the top 8 dog breeds that qualify to be a psychiatric service dogs are:

If you look at this list carefully, Doberman Pinschers occupy the second position, this is to tell you that this dog is very perfect as a service dog.

Final Thought

Getting a service dog is a very nice opinion, However, you have to make research to get the best.

If you aim to get a psychiatric service dog, then I will recommend no other dog except the Doberman Pinschers.

This dog is very loyal and protective. They will do anything to ensure their owner’s safety. They are also highly intelligent and they are very aware of their environment.

If your question is “can Dobermans be psychiatric service dogs?” The most accurate answer to this is an absolute YES!


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