Can Dogs eat Dragon Fruit? – The role of dragon fruit in a balanced dog diet

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Dog                                                                You’ve gone to the store to get some groceries and this attractive and yummy fruit named Dragon fruit has captured your attention, you bought it and brought it to your home. However, you don’t know if you should give it to your furry friend or not.

We all know the tempting looks our dogs give to us when they need something from us. While eating this fruit, your dog seems to be interested in it. But, you don’t know how safe it is for your dog.

If your questions are “can my dog eat dragon fruit?” Or “is dragon fruit safe for your dog?” The short answer to these queries is YES, Dragon fruit is very nice for dogs.

Although, there are certain things you need to know before finally giving your dog this fruit to eat. What are these things I am talking about? Well, keep reading because all you need to know about dragon fruits and dogs will be given in this article.

Is Dragon Fruit Safe for Dogs?

Dragon Fruit

Yes, Dogs can eat Dragon fruit and it won’t expose them to any harm or health issue. Dragon fruit is a very nutritious fruit for dogs. It is delicious, yummy, nutritionally dense, and 100% safe for dogs.

Everything about this wonderful fruit is safe for dogs including the seed. Although, before giving this fruit to your dog, it has to undergo some preparations. All these preparations will be discussed in this article. Keep reading to get these crucial details.

The Origin of Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit which is originated from South America. It is usually grown on cactus and this spiky fruit is very popular and highly nutritious even for humans.

Dragon fruit is medicinal and it facilitates clear vision in humans. Apart from helping human eyes, this fruit’s seed can also be used to reduce the sugar level in someone suffering from diabetes.

This fruit which originated from South America is now widely spread and can be found almost everywhere in the world especially in Asia in places such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. It is also in the United States in large quantities.

Dragon Fruit also exist in four different types and they include:

  • Red Dragon Fruit
  • Purple Dragon Fruit
  • Yellow Dragon Fruit
  • Pink Dragon Fruit

All of these four types are highly nutritious and consumable by dogs

Dragon fruit plant

What are the Nutritional Values of Dragon Fruit to Dogs?

The Nutritional values of this fruit can’t be overly emphasized. This spiky and nutritionally dense fruit helps dogs in so many aspects. Some of these nutritional values include:

It Has Useful Fatty Acids

Dragon fruits contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help the dog maintain their healthy and lustrous coat.

They also help to moisturize dogs’ coat thereby reducing the risk of skin cancer and other skin-related diseases.
These fatty acids also help in your dog’s brain development and they also help to stop inflammation in aging dogs.

It Is Low in Calories

3.5 ounces of this fruit contains only 60 calories. Serving this fruit to your dog won’t make him obese.

It Has a High Quantity of Fiber

This fruit has a lot of fiber that aids digestion in dogs. Fiber helps to lower the cholesterol level in dogs, it also helps to reduce the level of sugar in dogs.

Fiber will also aid digestion in your dog, it also aids the passage of waste in your dog’s bowel.

However, take note that high levels of fiber in dogs can lead to diarrhea and stomach upset in your dog.

It Is Loaded with Vitamin C

This fruit is also said to contain a reasonable amount of Vitamin C which helps the dog to boost its immune system.

Vitamin C is also known to help dogs suffering from osteoarthritis reduce inflammation.

Vitamin C also helps to boost your dog’s level of intelligence thereby making him have a faster learning pace.

However, take note that a high level of Vitamin C in dogs is very bad because it can damage your dog’s kidney and cause other health issues.

It Contains Antioxidants

Dragon fruit helps dogs get rid of free radicals in them. It helps to prevent oxidation in dogs, this will make them strong and free from diseases.

The presence of Free radicals in your dog will expose him to serious health issues such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Indirectly, Dragon fruit help to prevent all these health issues in dogs.

How Should I Serve My Dog Dragon Fruit?

To serve your dog dragon fruit, you need to peel this fruit’s flesh and serve them only the white fleshy fruit.

You should also note that moderation is the key. Serving your dog Dragon fruit in excess quantity will cause more harm than good.

Therefore, incorporate this fruit into your dog’s diet in small quantities and also check if they don’t react negatively to the food.

Check for these reactions if you serve your dog Dragon fruit for the first time

  • Stooling
  • Stomach upset
  • Skin allergies
  • Diarrhea

If you notice any of these reactions, endeavor to stop giving this fruit to your dog because this sign shows that the fruit is not compatible with your dog.

What Are the Risks of Feeding Dragon Fruit to Dogs in Large Amounts?

Dragon fruit is good for dogs. But, feeding this fruit to your dog in large quantities is a very bad idea.

This fruit contains large amounts of sugar; serving this fruit to your dog in large quantities will make him prone to health issues such as:

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit Seed?

Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit seeds. This fruit contains a tiny dark seed that contains useful fatty acids. Dragon fruit seed is also soft, tiny, and easy to digest. It won’t cause any health-related issues in your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit Flesh?

Yes, the spiky flesh of this fruit is also edible but it is not advisable to give it to your dog because the flesh is very thick, it might be too hard for your dog to chew and digest it properly.

Other Exotic Fruits That I Can Give to My Dog

There are a lot of commercial foods for dogs but incorporating natural foods such as veggies and fruits is not a bad idea, if you feel the need to serve your dog some exotic and highly nutritious fruits, consider buying these fruits:

How Many Dragon Fruits Can I Give My Dog in A Day?

It is advisable to feed your dog a moderate amount of Dragon Fruit. 2 tablespoons of this fruit per day is nice and not too much for your dog.

You should also help your dog peel the flesh and you can also help them to dice it into smaller chunks. Doing this will help to prevent choking and make the fruit easy to digest,

You can also mix this fruit with your dog’s normal food for the best and most interesting experience.

Final Thought

Dragon fruit is a very nice fruit for dogs. it incorporates a lot of nutrients that are good for the dog’s general well-being.

Nonetheless, consider giving your dog this fruit in small quantities to avoid health issues.

By this time, I believe this query “can dog eat Dragon fruit?” should not be bothering you again, and if by any means it is still bothering you. I will advise you not to panic anymore because YEAH! Dragon Fruit is safe for dogs.

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