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antibacterial soap for dogs

Can Antibacterial Soaps Be Used On Dogs?

Many people try to use baby wipes in place of antibacterial soaps when cleaning their dogs. Unfortunately, these wipes are not safe for your...
french fries for dogs

Are French Fries Healthy for Dogs?

Are French fries healthy for dogs? This is an often-asked question, as these tasty fried foods are high in carbs, salt, and fats. Not only...

Can a Diabetic Dog Have Popcorn?

Popcorn is high in fiber and low in glycemic load compared to many other snack foods, so when consumed in moderation, it is a...
ticks on dogs

Does Vinegar Kill Ticks On Dogs?

Many people have heard about using vinegar to kill ticks on dogs, but how is it done? Is there a proper amount? When should...
German shepherd immune system

Why German Shepherds Dogs Have Weak Immune System and How You Can Boost It

Germаn sheрherd dоgs аre соnsidered tо hаve weаk immune system due tо а defiсienсy in аn immunоglоbin саlled igА. Weak Immune system in German...