Parakeets vs Budgies – What Differentiates Parakeets From Budgies

Budgies and parakeets have a number of physical differences, such as the color of their feathers and tail feathers.

Budgies are known for their balanced diet, which consists of seeds, fruit and vegetables. Parakeets are more inclined towards eating seed-based foods.

Budgie’s tails have crests that make them look like a rooster’s crest.

Parakeet’s tail feathers curve downwards instead of upwards like the rooster’s crest.

Parakeets and Budgies are in the same genus, the Psittacidae family. Both come from the Tropics of Central America. These birds carry out their activities during the day and sleep at night.

Budgerigars are also members of this family as they are domesticated versions of budgies. They don’t have any natural predators unlike other species in this genus but they can be preyed upon by cats and dogs if they lack enough time to escape or if the animal is particularly hungry for meat.

While these two birds are not exactly the same, they have some differences that differentiate them from each other and make them interesting birds to be kept as pet.

What is the difference between parakeets and budgies? Keep reading to find out.

Characteristics of a Parakeet vs. a Budgie

Parakeets are members of the parrot family, which is a family that includes macaws, cockatiels, and conures. They are small in size with a large head and beady eyes.

Parakeets learn quickly, live up to 20 years, and are noisy birds. Budgies belong to the Australian parrot(parakeet to be specific) family and are much larger in size with a soft plumage. They do not learn quickly but they can live up to 30 years, budgies are a type of parakeet.

Parakeets are known to be chatty, talkative and friendly.

Budgies on the other hand are known to have a strong sense of curiosity, intelligence and playfulness.

A parakeet is a type of small colorful bird. It’s a large variety of the family Psittacidae. Parakeets are not directly related to the budgie but are in the same genus.

The characteristics of a parakeet are mainly found in its long tail feathers and plumed crest, while its body plumage is bright green. A budgie has shorter tail feathers and a shorter, rounded crest. Its body plumage is either green or blue with chestnut markings on their wings and breast feathers.

Parakeets have more distinct features than a budgie.

Among their distinguishing features are the bright colors on their back which always appear as if they are laughing, and a beak that is small and rounded with a wide base, giving it a pug-like look.

Parakeets usually measure around 14-15 inches in length and weight about 2-4 ounces (with some adult males measuring up to 7oz). Budgies usually measure around 10-12 inches in length and weigh about 1-3 ounces (with some adult males weighing up to 5oz).

A parakeet is the bigger of the two types of birds. It has a bright green-yellow coloration with dark markings on its body. They are well-known for their vocalization, which can be described as sharp and shrill. Its natural habitat is in Central America while its diet consists of seeds, seeds and fruit.

A budgie on the other hand is much smaller than a parakeet but they have some similar characteristics like their yellow coloration with dark markings on their body but they also have white patches found mostly around the eyes that give them a white look. Their natural habitat is in Australia while their diet consists

In addition to size, shape and color, their behavior is also different. Parakeets prefer to eat only seeds and fruits while budgies are more inclined towards grains as well as other types of food found in homes.

Cost Comparison : How Much Does A Baby Budgie or Baby Parakeet Cost?

Parakeets and budgies cost a lot of money. Baby parakeets can go for around $10 to $60.

It is crucial to go through a budget and be able to set aside a certain amount of money each month and each year for your new family member. Monthly care should be from $25 to $250 depending on pet needs.

A baby (parakeet)budgie will cost between $10 to $40 depending on the seller, $20 to $150 on monthly pet needs.

The cost of baby parakeet is high because they are very delicate pets that need thorough care such as fresh water every day and live food like worms.

In contrast, babies budgies are less complicated pets as they have been domesticated for many years. Budgies also stay healthy and active in an average home environment without special supplements or caretakers.

Top 10 Parrot Breeds That Are Pet Friendly

Parrots are intelligent birds that can make noises similar to human speech. There are various kinds of parrot breeds that have different behaviors and personalities.

There are many different types of parrot breeds. They vary by plumage color, size, and origin. The most popular types of parrot breeds today include the Alexandrine, Macaws, Parakeets, Budgies and Eclectus.

1. African Grey Parrots

African grey parrots are some of the most famous and intelligent parrots, known for their ability to learn many different words and use them to communicate with their beloved owner. But this interaction is not just a show. These parrots need interaction to keep them happy, and they don’t want to be alone.

The amazing thing about African grey parrots is that they can live up to 60 years in captivity! If you get such a parrot when you are young, it will likely be your companion for life.

2. Cockatoo

Cockatoos are demanding birds that become almost obsessed with their humans. Because of this, they have earned the nickname “Velcro” because your cockatoo will always stick to you!

They are medium to large sized parrots with protruding tufted feathers that make them easy to distinguish from other species.

3. Macaws

Macaws are large birds covered in bright shades of red, blue and gold. They can reach 20 to 50 inches in height and live 30 to 50 years. So getting a macaw is a serious commitment of space and time.

4. Parrotlet

If you want a colorful companion parrot without sacrificing an entire room in your home to provide enough space, you may want to consider the Parrotlet. These are the smallest parrots, so they don’t need too much space.

5. Cockatiel

Cockatiels are the smallest member of the cockatoo family, and they are extremely popular in the United States. They are easy to care for and just as easy to find common ground with, making them a great choice for your first parrot. Remember, with good care, they can live up to 25 years, so your cockatoo will be a family member for a long time!

6. Parakeets

Parakeets also called budgerigars outside the United States, are some of the most popular birds among novice parrot owners. They are small for parrots, averaging about seven inches in length, so their space needs are minimal. But their intense coloration makes them quite spectacular.

These birds are known for their inquisitiveness; they are always looking for new places to explore.

7. Amazon Parrots

Wildly colorful and very intelligent, Amazon parrots are very popular as pets, although you will have to be able to provide them with a high level of care. They need a lot of companionship, almost all the time. Expect to have to spend a lot of time each day to keep your Amazon parrot happy.

There are many species of Amazon parrots, although their numbers are declining in the wild due to overfishing. Most of these parrots are green in color with numerous accent colors, usually reaching a height of 13-18 inches.

8. Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are excellent companions. A very interesting feature of this breed is the difference in coloration between males and females. Males are almost neon green in color with red and blue accents and a beak resembling candy corn. The females are bright red, with blue accents and a black beak.

9. Senegal Parrot

Many parrots can be very excitable, squealing and screaming when they are happy or unhappy. But the Senegal Parrot, a much lesser known parrot breed, is much calmer and quieter than other parrot species. This makes them an excellent choice as pets.

10 .The Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrots carry their feelings on their feathers. They become quiet and cautious with strangers, but demanding drama queens who want to be the center of attention for their family.

Small for parrots, they reach 10 inches in length and can live up to 30 years with proper care. They are very colorful, both physically and in character!

Parrots are a popular pet in many households. They are often seen as the perfect pet and they make great companions.


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