Can Horses Eat Meat? – Are Horses Omnivores?

Horses have been known to eat meat, especially if they have a lack of natural sources in their diet. Horses can eat meat because they...

Are Shetland Ponies Good Pets?

The Shetland pony is one of the most popular horse breeds(pony), especially for children. The Shetland Pony's gentle disposition makes him an ideal choice for...

Are Horses Faster Than Dogs?

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morgan horse

Morgan vs. Quarter Horse – The Difference Between Morgan and Quarter Horse

Mоrgаn аnd quаrter hоrses аre relаted tо eасh оther beсаuse they bоth hаve shоrt legs, а shоrt bасk, аnd smаll heаds. Mоrgаn hоrses hаve light...